Calibration - Difference

Why Calibrate?

The majority of TVs come out of the box with the goal of getting your attention in a brightly lit room where it is placed beside a number of competing brands. The result is a loss of picture quality.

It can be compared to selling home theater speakers by playing the music 1 1/2 times faster than the intended speed. Yes, it gets your attention, but it is not a true demonstration of quality.

Calibration adjusts your video display to achieve a picture as close to published standards for video quality as possible. We don't stop there. Each calibration includes adjustment of system settings. We make sure that your BluRay player, cable or satellite receiver and game system are set to provide the best performance achievable by your system.

Nordic Sound is currently the only ISF certified calibrator in Casper and the only ISF Level II certified calibrator in Wyoming. Feel free to call us or request information through our contact page.

Will I really be able to tell the difference?

After you drive a nice car for a while, the initial thrill wears off and you enjoy the ride. You really only notice any performance differences when you ride in something else that doesn't perform as well, right? In a similar way, after calibration you will notice an initial improvement in your viewing and listening experience. After a while though, you will really notice the difference when you see displays that are not calibrated.

We recommend taking this simple test at home when watching TV or a movie:

When a person is wearing a black suit or dress in a scene, are you able to see the texture of the fabric, the subtle gray pinstripe, or the slight wrinkles in the fabric?

Similarly, if a person is wearing white clothing in a scene, are you able to see the details, like white buttons on a white shirt or the seams in the sail of a boat?

When your favorite sports team is playing, you know the colors of their jerseys, right? How do those colors you know well match what you are seeing on the TV? Do they look washed out? Exaggerated and perhaps a little cartoon-ish? Or, do they look just right?

If you can answer these questions with a definite yes or no, be assured that you will be able to see the difference when your TV is calibrated.

But...I already purchased a display that was rated the best in picture quality.

Good! We believe you purchase a quality display for a reason...

You want to get the best picture available.

It also means is that we can use the extra features you paid for to really enhance your display's quality and tune it to your room and viewing preferences.

Consider also, when a TV or projector is reviewed, doesn't the reviewer calibrate the display first and then describe the performance?

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies based on the type of display you have and the level of calibration you desire. Prices start between $200 and $500 for a video system calibration. Audio system calibrations are also available.

For full pricing information and description of calibration services offered, please give us a call or select 'Audio/Video Calibration' when filling out the form on the contact page.