Cut the Glare, Not the View with Sheer Shading Systems


Why Motorized Shades Are the Handiest Home Accessory 

When most people talk about motorized shades, they talk about their convenience. With one tap on your phone, wall keypad, or remote, every shade in the house can lower simultaneously. And with an automated schedule, the same blinds can rise in the morning on their own. You don’t have to dash about the house tugging on chords multiple times a day. Your window treatments handle it for you! 

But saving time isn’t the only advantage a motorized shading system will offer. With custom fabrics and intelligent controls, you can enhance many aspects of your Casper, WY home, and daily life. Discover the possibilities below!

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6 Unexpected Advantages of Switching to Smart Lighting


Life Is Easier & Breezier with Lighting Control Systems

Many people don’t put much thought into their home’s lighting. They might ask themselves, “Is it bright enough in here?” and if the answer is yes, that’s the end of the lighting design.

But you’re not ‘most people’, are you? You’re reading this article because you’ve heard of smart lighting control, like the systems from Lutron and Savant, and are curious how they can benefit your daily life.

Lighting control systems provide much more than convenient ways to turn lights on and off (although that is one of the benefits!). You’ll find that with automated lighting, you’ll improve your moods, save time, and may even sleep better at night. Read on to discover the many perks smart lighting can provide your Casper, WY home.


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Add Smart Technology to Your Projects with a Savant Ambassador


See How Savant Ambassadors Help Builders & Architects Embrace Smart Home Technology

If you want to incorporate home automation in your building projects, you need to find the best local integrator. Luckily, Savant makes it easy to spot talent with their Savant Ambassador program. 

Savant is a world leader in home automation systems. Their Savant Ambassador program recognizes the finest integration firms for their knowledge and proficiency across Savant product categories, from security to audio. 

In the Casper, WY, area, Nordic Sound is a certified Savant Ambassador. Below, we share what that means, how it will add value to your projects, and what makes Savant home automation special.

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Coastal Source: Durable Landscape Lighting for Wyoming Homes


Meet the Brand That Builds Completely Weatherproof Outdoor Lighting   

Some homeowners never get around to installing landscape lighting, instead settling for a single porch lamp. But they’re missing out on extraordinary benefits, like improved home security, safety, and spending more time outside after dark. Plus, an outdoor lighting design adds intriguing beauty to your house’s architecture and landscaping.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely considering a new landscape lighting installation. Whether you’re planning for a vacation home or full-time residence, you’ll want to invest in a lighting solution that will last for years to come.

As a technology integrator based in Casper, WY, we recommend Coastal Source as our preferred landscape lighting brand. Why? We’ll share what makes Coastal Source stand out below.

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