Coastal Source: Durable Landscape Lighting for Wyoming Homes


Meet the Brand That Builds Completely Weatherproof Outdoor Lighting   

Some homeowners never get around to installing landscape lighting, instead settling for a single porch lamp. But they’re missing out on extraordinary benefits, like improved home security, safety, and spending more time outside after dark. Plus, an outdoor lighting design adds intriguing beauty to your house’s architecture and landscaping.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely considering a new landscape lighting installation. Whether you’re planning for a vacation home or full-time residence, you’ll want to invest in a lighting solution that will last for years to come.

As a technology integrator based in Casper, WY, we recommend Coastal Source as our preferred landscape lighting brand. Why? We’ll share what makes Coastal Source stand out below.

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A Light That Never Goes Out

Most landscape lights, even the cheapest ones, work—for a little while. Then they fall apart or fail, and you’re left to make expensive repairs or replace the entire system.

But not Coastal Source. Their landscape lighting fixtures are made entirely out of brass, right down to the stake. They’re 100 percent sealed from moisture, debris, corrosion, and insects. If you use LED bulbs inside, they’ll shine for up to 50,000 hours without intrusion. When those 50,000 hours are up, your Coastal Source fixture will be easy to open and replace, not corroded, melted, or rusted.

Air-Tight Plug & Cable

Coastal Source landscape lighting also features its patented Coastal Connector plug and cabling system. Connectors only need to be plugged together then twisted, and voila! You have an air and watertight connection that will be safe outdoors all year long. The Coastal Connector eliminates a need for cutting, waterproofing, and splicing wire. It’s quick and simple to build your landscape lighting network.

Let the Light Shine Through

With many outdoor lighting fixtures, dirt and debris block the glass or plastic bulb and dull the light output. You’ll even see this on car headlights, which may look dimmer as dirt accumulates on the exterior or inside.

Coastal Source lights include multiple O-ring barriers that stop any bugs, dirt, water, or dust from getting inside. The convex glass dispels debris and water quickly with an innovative drain, so nothing collects on the lens.

Where to Find Coastal Source

Coastal Source landscape lighting and outdoor audio are only sold through authorized dealers. If you’re in the Casper, Wyoming area, you’re in luck! Nordic Sound is your local landscape lighting expert and a Coastal Source dealer.

Contact our team here to learn more and discuss your outdoor lighting goals. We look forward to assisting you! We even offer a free outdoor lighting demo kit so you can see the magic of Coastal Source for yourself.

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