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How to Plan Ahead for Smart Home & AV Projects


Your Blueprint for AV, Security, and Home Automation Installations 

Maybe you’re building an all-new house for your family. Or perhaps you’re looking to upgrade the technology in your Wyoming home. Whether it’s a home theater, whole-home audio, security, or a smart home system, technology installations can be daunting to take on.

For the best results, a home technology project needs careful planning. If you toss together devices piece by piece over a few weekends, you’ll likely end up with a mishmash of equipment, hubs, and assistants that don’t communicate well.

And we’ve seen our fair share of failed technology setups. We’re an audio-visual company based in Casper, WY, that designs and installs smart home and AV systems. Below, we’ll share our steps to planning a home technology project and why it’s so important to be prepared.

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The Importance of Living by Circadian Lighting


Lift Your Spirits & Feel Better with Tunable Smart Lighting

After daylight savings in fall, it’s easy to feel a bit gloomy as the days are cut short. When it’s dark before dinner time, it seems like the hours pass by too quickly, bringing us into eternal nighttime. 

And when you’re spending more time indoors under artificial light, that can negatively affect your wellbeing. You’ve likely heard that looking at the blue light on computer screens and TVs isn’t good for our sleep and mental health. Well, the same applies to the light bulbs inside your house! 

If you’re living with lights that are too cool and bright at night, but too warm and dim during the day, you could be unintentionally souring your mood, tampering with sleep, and even causing headaches. 

But what is one to do? You can’t replace your lightbulbs twice a day. Luckily, as technology moves forward, we’re now able to light our homes more properly. Circadian lighting, also referred to as tunable lighting and human-centric lighting, can help you feel your best at home and work in Casper, WY. 

Technology that’s good for us? It may sound hard to believe. Below, we share why circadian lighting by brands like USAI and Savant is such a valuable feature to enjoy at home. 

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6 Unexpected Advantages of Switching to Smart Lighting


Life Is Easier & Breezier with Lighting Control Systems

Many people don’t put much thought into their home’s lighting. They might ask themselves, “Is it bright enough in here?” and if the answer is yes, that’s the end of the lighting design.

But you’re not ‘most people’, are you? You’re reading this article because you’ve heard of smart lighting control, like the systems from Lutron and Savant, and are curious how they can benefit your daily life.

Lighting control systems provide much more than convenient ways to turn lights on and off (although that is one of the benefits!). You’ll find that with automated lighting, you’ll improve your moods, save time, and may even sleep better at night. Read on to discover the many perks smart lighting can provide your Casper, WY home.


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Add Smart Technology to Your Projects with a Savant Ambassador


See How Savant Ambassadors Help Builders & Architects Embrace Smart Home Technology

If you want to incorporate home automation in your building projects, you need to find the best local integrator. Luckily, Savant makes it easy to spot talent with their Savant Ambassador program. 

Savant is a world leader in home automation systems. Their Savant Ambassador program recognizes the finest integration firms for their knowledge and proficiency across Savant product categories, from security to audio. 

In the Casper, WY, area, Nordic Sound is a certified Savant Ambassador. Below, we share what that means, how it will add value to your projects, and what makes Savant home automation special.

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