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Add Smart Technology to Your Projects with a Savant Ambassador


See How Savant Ambassadors Help Builders & Architects Embrace Smart Home Technology

If you want to incorporate home automation in your building projects, you need to find the best local integrator. Luckily, Savant makes it easy to spot talent with their Savant Ambassador program. 

Savant is a world leader in home automation systems. Their Savant Ambassador program recognizes the finest integration firms for their knowledge and proficiency across Savant product categories, from security to audio. 

In the Casper, WY, area, Nordic Sound is a certified Savant Ambassador. Below, we share what that means, how it will add value to your projects, and what makes Savant home automation special.

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Becoming a Savant Ambassador 

Savant only names the most trusted, experienced dealers as Ambassadors. When a smart home company is certified by the Home Technology Association, it may then qualify for the Savant Ambassador program. 

Additionally, to become Ambassadors, firms must also demonstrate sufficient sales and knowledge across all Savant avenues, including audio-video distribution, interfaces, lighting, shading, climate, and speakers. Savant dealers must also play a supportive role in designing and evaluating new technology, like Savant’s extensive beta program, to receive certification.


How Savant Ambassadors Help Architects & Builders 

If you’re planning to add smart technology to your residential projects, a Savant Ambassador can provide the highest level of support, with early access to new products and software. At Nordic Sound, we’re experienced with designing and integrating customized systems to meet the homeowner’s needs. 

We know where centralized wiring should go for security systems, smart lighting, in-wall audio, and more. With help from a smart home company, you’ll add more value to your projects, and clients will be overall more satisfied in their new automated homes. 


Why the Savant User Interface Is Superior 

Savant isn’t the only home automation system on the market, but what sets it apart is its sleek, beautiful user interface. Whether the homeowner is swiping on a smartphone, tablet, or wall control panel, controlling zones and rooms is incredibly intuitive. Want to turn on the living room lights? Simply tap the lights icon. Or thinking of playing jazz across the whole house? In just a few simple touches on the screen, music will swell through every room.


Today, luxury homeowners are looking for convenient ways to manage their home systems. To bring these Savant smart homes to life, you’ll need a certified expert’s help. 

Nordic Sound in Casper, Wyoming, is your local Savant Ambassador. Contact us here for a free consultation or to ask any smart technology questions you may have. 

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