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6 Unexpected Advantages of Switching to Smart Lighting


Life Is Easier & Breezier with Lighting Control Systems

Many people don’t put much thought into their home’s lighting. They might ask themselves, “Is it bright enough in here?” and if the answer is yes, that’s the end of the lighting design.

But you’re not ‘most people’, are you? You’re reading this article because you’ve heard of smart lighting control, like the systems from Lutron and Savant, and are curious how they can benefit your daily life.

Lighting control systems provide much more than convenient ways to turn lights on and off (although that is one of the benefits!). You’ll find that with automated lighting, you’ll improve your moods, save time, and may even sleep better at night. Read on to discover the many perks smart lighting can provide your Casper, WY home.


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  1. Increase Productivity During the Day

Whether you’re working in the home office or are tackling a to-do list, bright cool lights help boost your mental performance, even if it’s a dreary day outside. Studies have shown that blue lighting inspires energy and alertness, and with a smart system, you’ll never be stuck with warm, dim lighting during the day. And through just a tap of a button, motorized shades automatically rise, letting in that serotonin-boosting sunlight.

  1. Ready Your Mind for Sleep

Cool lighting is great for daytime, but at night, you want to feel cozy and comfortable before bed. A lighting control system can schedule those same LED lights to shift into a warm, subtly golden hue. This will adjust your eyes for sleep and relax your racing mind.

Later in the night, dim, warm lighting will cue your brain to start producing melatonin, which will help you sleep soundly.

  1. Save Time

You’re more than ready for bed, but first, you have to walk around the house switching off lights and closing shades. And by the time you get to the stairs, it’s too dark to see where you’re walking! If only there were an easier way…

There is with smart lighting! While you’re snug in bed, you can tap “Goodnight” on your phone, and all the lights will turn off besides a few hallway nightlights. And in the morning, when you’re leaving the house, a scene like ‘Away’ can turn off all your lights simultaneously.

  1. Set the Scene for Entertaining

Who needs to visit a bar or lounge when your home is equipped with lighting control? Save a custom party scene that switches your lights to fun colors at a low brightness level. It will take only seconds to transform the mood, and from the same app, turn on your whole-home speakers to get the party started. 

  1. Increase Home Security

If you own home surveillance cameras, you’ll need to see clearly in nighttime video feeds. A smart system can pair landscape lights with motion sensors, so if any activity is detected on your property, lights will instantly turn on. Your security system can trigger indoor lights, too, so even if you’re away on vacation, it will look like someone is inside.

  1. Lower Energy Bills

A smart lighting system ensures lights only stay on when you need them. Automated schedules and occupancy sensors turn off lights when they aren’t in need, cutting costs from your electric bills and helping the planet every day. 


If you’re curious about adding a lighting control system to your Wyoming home, Nordic Sound is your local smart home expert. Contact our team here to discuss smart lighting or any other home automation questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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