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Cut the Glare, Not the View with Sheer Shading Systems


Why Motorized Shades Are the Handiest Home Accessory 

When most people talk about motorized shades, they talk about their convenience. With one tap on your phone, wall keypad, or remote, every shade in the house can lower simultaneously. And with an automated schedule, the same blinds can rise in the morning on their own. You don’t have to dash about the house tugging on chords multiple times a day. Your window treatments handle it for you! 

But saving time isn’t the only advantage a motorized shading system will offer. With custom fabrics and intelligent controls, you can enhance many aspects of your Casper, WY home, and daily life. Discover the possibilities below!

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Enjoy the View Without Glare 

Don’t let those Wyoming mountain views go to waste! Shades and drapes can provide valuable privacy during the day and block glare while you’re working or watching a movie. But who likes to feel shut in their house with no window views? 

Lutron shades are not only smart but are also available in customizable fabrics and opacities. Their sheer roller shades lower when you need privacy or less sunlight, but you’ll still be able to enjoy the view outdoors. Your smart home integrator can sync the Lutron shading system to heat sensors or program them to follow a daily schedule, so you don’t have to do a thing!

Lutron’s Serena Shades are notable for their ultra-quiet motors that silently raise and lower your window treatments. If you prefer blinds to roller shades, Lutron’s Serena Smart Wood Blinds bring a natural, handcrafted look to your home. 

Savant Shades are another option, manufactured by the home automation company Savant. Like Lutron, Savant offers translucent, blackout, and sheer fabric options controlled through battery power or a wired network. We can connect your motorized shades to the rest of your Savant smart home, so that shades, audio, security, and HVAC devices may all be accessed through the same system. Savant is compatible with Lutron shading too, so the possibilities are all yours! 

Protect Fabrics & Artwork from Fading 

Who can remember to lower the blinds so that paintings and photographs don’t fade? Most people are too busy to stay on top of such a thing. Luckily, motorized shades may automatically descend when the sun hits a sensor, then rise again once the sun has passed. Your furniture, artwork, wallpaper, and pictures will stay bright and preserved for years to come. 

Save Energy Automatically 

What if your blinds could help reduce your reliance on the heating system in winter and lower your AC usage in summer? In winter, your blinds can instantly lower to prevent heat from leaving the room and raise to let warm UV rays inside. Lutron’s honeycomb shades provide insulation! In summer, shades can close when the sun is its hottest, keeping rooms cool. You’ll stay comfortable while lowering energy bills all year.


If you’re interested in motorized shades for your Wyoming home, contact Nordic Sound, Casper’s leading technology integrator. We look forward to meeting you! 

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