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How Home Automation Systems Keep Life Simple


Declutter Your Wyoming Lifestyle in One Press of a Button

Have you ever seen an old-fashioned cartoon of what people thought the future would be like? They depict people living a futuristic lifestyle of luxury, with flying automobiles and gadgets that cook dinner for them.

Now it’s the 2020s, and most people still feel busy every day. We have new technology, but it still seems like we have lots to do.

But there are homeowners out there who are in on a little secret. Home automation systems like Savant can sync your lighting, thermostats, security, entertainment, and more to make running a household easier. No, Savant won’t brush your teeth for you, but you’ll find small tasks taken care of automatically.

Many Americans still don’t know what’s possible in a modern smart home. Below we’ll share how an automation installation from Nordic Sound can save you time and energy in your Casper, WY home.

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Merge Technology to Create Custom Scenes

Imagine waking up and pressing “Good Morning” on a wall keypad by your bed or on the Savant system app. Your shades will gently rise, the thermostat will change to your preferred temperature, and an acoustic playlist can start playing over a multi-room sound system.

Suddenly, getting started with your day just got easier. Home automation lets you connect all of your home’s technologies into custom scenes you can activate at any time.

When you’re in a hurry heading out the door, tap “Away” on your system app. Lights will shut off, doors will lock, and your security system will activate. Even fans, HVAC systems, and pool controls can turn off instantly. When you’re away from home, simply pull out your phone and turn on landscape lights, so you return to a bright, welcoming house.


Simplify Controls with Fewer Remotes, Switches & Apps

Isn’t technology supposed to make our lives easier? So why does it take ten minutes to turn on a home theater with a coffee table covered in remotes? Home automation simplifies your controls by merging them all into one system. You’ll only need one remote and one smart system app—there’s no need for separate smart lighting, security, or speaker system apps.

Even on the walls, you can eliminate the clutter of light switches, alarm devices, and thermostats (what some designers call ‘wall acne’). Savant systems can consolidate all controls into the sleek Metropolitan Keypad or Savant Touch wall control panel. Dim the lights, customize the bulbs’ color, then close the drapes in just a quick touch of a button. In new home builds, a home automation system creates seamless, smooth walls you’re free to decorate however you’d like.


Are you interested in home automation in Central Wyoming? Nordic Sound is your local smart technology expert. Contact our team here to discuss starting a new project for your home. We look forward to assisting you!

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