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Technology Always Evolves, But Your Smart Home Isn’t Doomed


How to Build a Future-Proof Smart Home 

Just like cell phones and TVs are constantly advancing and upgrading, so does smart home technology. Twenty years ago, voice control and smart mirrors were only figments of science fiction. Who knew these would become real possibilities in smart homes today? 

We have no idea what the future holds for home automation (although we love to make predictions). Surely things will change in some ways. But if you’re worried that your smart home could become obsolete in a few years, there’s no need to fear. 

When you work with a smart home integrator like our Casper, WY team, we build a solid infrastructure that can embrace change as it comes. In this article, we’ll share how you can prepare for the future and enjoy the best of home automation today and tomorrow. 

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Creating a Strong Foundation 

Even if the gadgets in your home change, they can stay seamlessly connected to a hardwired, whole-home system like Savant. When we build a smart home system, we integrate all devices to a centralized controller that acts as the brain for your home. 

The best time for a smart system installation is during construction or renovations when walls are open and, therefore, easier to run cables to every room. Then, we can add data cabling for future possibilities and build a strong home network for wireless connections, too. 

Core Technologies, Changing Features 

Even if years from now you decide to swap your smart thermostat for a newer model, it will still easily integrate into the Savant smart system. With everything in place for audio, video, security, temperature controls, and more, changing an individual gadget will be simple. 

That’s a major reason why centralized smart systems are a much wiser approach than DIY smart gadgets. We can always find a way to incorporate new third-party devices and solutions into your system. But if you go the DIY route, who’s to say that your apps and switches will still work together? 

The Life Cycle of Devices 

All technologies have a life cycle, starting with deployment, moving into service, then updates, and eventually, decommission. Decommissioned technology is outdated and no longer supported with new updates. When your devices reach this stage, it’s smart to think about upgrading to the latest features for superior performance and security. 

If you’re just getting started with your home system, opt for the newest technologies so you know they’ll be supported for many years. For instance, we’d recommend installing newer wall keypads like Savant’s Ascend line due to their extensive customization options and modern finishes. 

Embrace the Future 

By properly planning your home automation system with Nordic Sound, you can embrace change with excitement—not fear. Your smart house is ready for anything! 

Interested in home automation solutions in the Casper, Wyoming area? Contact Nordic Sound to get started today. We look forward to working with you! 

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