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How to Plan Ahead for Smart Home & AV Projects


Your Blueprint for AV, Security, and Home Automation Installations 

Maybe you’re building an all-new house for your family. Or perhaps you’re looking to upgrade the technology in your Wyoming home. Whether it’s a home theater, whole-home audio, security, or a smart home system, technology installations can be daunting to take on.

For the best results, a home technology project needs careful planning. If you toss together devices piece by piece over a few weekends, you’ll likely end up with a mishmash of equipment, hubs, and assistants that don’t communicate well.

And we’ve seen our fair share of failed technology setups. We’re an audio-visual company based in Casper, WY, that designs and installs smart home and AV systems. Below, we’ll share our steps to planning a home technology project and why it’s so important to be prepared.

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Determine Your Scope 

Before purchasing anything, you need to decide what you’d like to include in your technology system. When you work with an AV integrator like Nordic Sound, we’ll ask questions to understand your lifestyle, preferences, and needs. 

Maybe you only want a home theater—but would you like the ability to connect the screen to security camera footage? Would you enjoy listening to theater audio in other rooms as you walk away? And in a smart home system, what kinds of technology would you like to integrate and automate? It’s best to decide these things beforehand, especially if you’re building a new home. 

Decide on a Budget 

Your project’s budget can determine the technology we use and greatly expand your options. For instance, a smart home brand like Savant can provide vastly more control and automation options than a DIY smart hub. We’ll explain what different features can offer you and how they’ll benefit your daily life in the long run, so you can make a confident decision about what solutions to include. 

Choose Your Equipment 

In-wall speakers or floor-standing speakers? High-end or mid-tier speakers? Would you like security cameras that include video analytics? And would you rather use an OLED TV, microLED panels, or a projector in the media room? We’ll help you find the best gear and sync it all into one easy-to-use system. 

Design the Layout & Programming 

Next, we need to plan where wires will go and how everything will connect via a centralized equipment rack. For instance, in a media installation, we'll connect all speakers to a multi-zone receiver that inputs your media sources. Alternatively, we'll want to build a strong home network that can support all your smart technology. A professional can ensure everything works together seamlessly.

Finally, Installation 

After all of that, you’re ready for the installation. Your AV company can program the system to follow your preferences and neatly configure wiring. But the planning doesn’t end here. Will you want to include maintenance services or remote monitoring? If anything goes wrong with your tech in the future, Nordic Sound will always be there to help. 


Want a unified smart home experience? Trust the professionals. We’re a premium audio-visual company that services Casper, Wyoming, and the surrounding areas. Connect with us here to discuss your home’s project today! 

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